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Los Angeles Headshots

Corporate, Acting and Modeling Headshots in Los Angeles

Professional Corporate, Theatrical and Commercial Headshots: Hola!  I’m Salvador Veta. My goal is to provide you with a headshot that stands out from a pool of images.  Most importantly, a headshot that truly speaks and engages with your viewer.  Consequently, a headshot can either propel your carrier or it can stop on its tracks.  Walking away with a “simple” headshot will only leave you with wasted opportunities and disappointment.

Acting Headshots in Los Angeles

Because I build my headshots session differently for each individual, my sessions are very different from what you will find in San Diego and Los Angeles.  For instance, my acting headshots will take you to a series of lighting scenarios that are best suited for you.

I am not running an actor headshot factory here.  Moreover, do not expect to come into the session, cycle through your different clothing looks, show some flattering poses, smile and be done with it.   Most of all, a comfortable actor headshot is a boring headshot due to its simplicity.  It does not say anything about who you are, the roles you are interested in, and it will get lost in the mix with other similar headshots.

However, my objective is always to create headshots that are more than just a professional photograph.  I want your headshots to be complex, full of color, complemented by light and shadows –  to be impactful.

Corporate Headshot Photographer in Los Angeles for Business Headshots

Stand out from the crowd with a compelling corporate and business headshot.  Improve your projection with a professional LinkedIn headshot or a Real Estate headshot for print or digital media. In addition, my Los Angeles Business Headshots can be on location and can also be for either individuals or for groups.

First Impressions

Your headshot needs to make a good and memorable impression that it separates you from the masses.  As a devoted actor, modeling and corporate headshot photographer, I am deeply invested in every shot I take.  As a result, my chief aim is to provide you with a session that allows you to collaborate and express yourself.